This is Peru, my blue-throated
macaw I adopted
Bandit, a 16 year old Nanday
Conure that decided he liked to
be with the birds at Avian
Accommodations Inc. and not
by himself...he boarded with us
and refused to leave.
We strive to offer you the most and best
possible care for your bird
Do you have a hard-headed bird that just won't stop biting or that just won't
behave? Below are services offered in the training category
Please call us to schedule an appointment or to ask questions 804-301-7051
Avian Accommodations is based out of the West End of Richmond, Virginia.
We will accept birds from anywhere and will also board birds from anywhere
within Virginia and the DC area.
We have the ability to meet halfway for an additional fee to anywhere in VA
Avian Accommodations   "Improving the lives of parrots through human Interaction and Education"
one on one time with the bird  -  the getting to know
you phase
one on one training with the bird improving behavior
and building trust
Welcome to Avian Accommodations Inc.
Avian Accommodations Inc. offers extensive
care for your feathered friend.  From
short-term boarding to long-term boarding,
parties, events, avian rescues, grooming, let
Certified Avian Specialist take care of all
your Avian needs!

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